Blood of the Ancients

Blog of the Ancients
Blood of the Ancients adventure log

The party was on an airship en route to Sharn, when the ship was boarded by a few dragonborn in black garb. They entered the cargo hold of the ship, and hid until the time was right for them to take over the cockpit. McClaren [pc] talked to a stewardess and was upgraded to first class. He was escorted through the cargo hold but did not notice the group of hidden Dragonborn. In first class he met a Halfling by the name of Bromit d’Jorasco, a dragonmark heir to the House Jorasco. The House Jorasco is a house of healing; they have clinics all across Khorvaire. A short while later, once the ship was passing over First Tower, more Dragonborn board the ship but are noticed by the adventurers this time. McClaren fought to keep them from the pilots while three others from the coach cabin [other pcs] fought the Dragonborn from their flank. The pilots were dead and Aramilf [pc] tried to fly the ship but disaster struck and the ship crashed into a bridge in Sharn.

The party of adventurers wake up together in jail and are questioned separately about the events on the ship by Van Markelhay, a Captain of the Sharn Watch. After staying a while, McClaren is released first due to a vouch for his actions from Bromit, and the others are released once House Orien submits is report of the events to the Watch and no charges are made on the PCs.

Two of the PCs, McClaren and Leucis leave the Watchtower together and go and visit House Jorasco by Bromit’s invitation. He gives them insight about the Dragonborn Clan and some vague details about what they’ve been up to around here. Soon after, they’re visited by a messenger for Captain Markelhay and are summoned to the Watchtower again. There, they are hired by Captain Markelhay to infiltrate a den of thieves, run by a Warforged named Blue, and find out as much information as possible about the Dragonborn clan.

The other two PCs, Aramilf and Raxar go to the closest bar, Nameless with the Halfling statue. Then they wander down to the merchant district of Sharn where they witness a group of Sharn Watchmen investigating a scene where someone has been killed, or rather mauled to death. They both notice what look like dog tracks in the stone of the bridge and follow the tracks through the crowd to a runoff drain in an alley. Feeling a little bit weary of the drain with just the two of them in the party, they head back to the bar to pick up some help.

The four PCs meet again at the bar, but decide not to party up because Aramilf gets a bad vibe from Leucis. Aramilf and Raxar find a pair of drunk dwarves and they go back to the drain. After going down it, they are affronted by a small gang of thieves. A rough battle ensues and the dwarves don’t make it out alive. The tracks seem to disappear into the sewer water. The PCs find a document written in runes that describe some directions. The two adventurers head to a nice hotel and rest the night, leaving a door unexplored.

Blue tests Leucis and McClaren by having them steal some items out of the Sharn Watchtower, retrieving some evidence against some of his gang members being held there. They party up with a Halfling fighter and an Elf Rogue (some of Blue’s gang) and scale the wall of the Watchtower at nightfall. Having spoken with Captain Markelhay about what was to go down, the guard was minimal inside the second story of the Watchtower. Once inside, they encounter some gaurds and a small force of Watch trainees. They bind them all up in a training room and retrieve the evidence, some silverworked items and some fine silk fabrics. They return to blue and give over the loot. They are told to come back at midnight to meet with Blue about induction into his operation. The next morning, back at the bar with no name, the PCs decide to team up and head back to the drain to explore that door. They are met with a trap of darts, and then a fairly easy fight against some more thieves.


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