Welcome to Blood of the Ancients!

This is a homebrew DnD4E campaign currently in progress. It’s a high-magic campaign, set in Eberron (Sharn, initially) full of action. It starts with an airship crash and soon after finds the PCs mixed deep in the city’s underworld. Of course, events unfold and more than likely, in true DnD fashion, the world will hang in the balance before the end. I don’t want to spoil anything for the players.

This is the first campaign I’ve ever written. I’ve DM’d a few published campaigns, but not any 4E. I play with a group of 4 PCs who are all on my experience level. We typically like a little more strategy than the roleplaying, but hopefully the charismatic NPCs and noncombat encounters will help even things out. I also find that I like to play a tougher campaign with less battles per level. Lots of hard battles and very hard bosses, no easy encounters. I think my players like this as well. They also like a fairly linear story, but I’m making this open ended with a lot of different sides to the equation.

Big UP to wizards’ DnDI tools for making my first written campaign nearly pain-free. Check out the adventure log for story details on the campaign as it unfolds.

Check out the wiki.

Blood of the Ancients